Who, or What is She Skis

She Skis was born from the idea that Women like doing things together. From road trips to brunch, climbing mountains or conquering shopping centres whatever it might be women all over the world are doing it in groups. Why should skiing and snowboarding be any different? Watching movies like “Shades of winter” or Lynsey Dyer’s “Pretty Faces”, what you get is groups of Women travelling the world together having a fantastic time, granted they are ripping off cliffs that give me the heebie-jeebies, but you get a general idea. These movies give me a real sense of what it is like to be a skier girl. That is something that I would like to share with the rest of the world. There are many times you see a fantastic skier/snowboarder turn into a delicate flower when in the company of her male counterparts, or not try and show off her newly found skills on the slopes, for fears of holding anyone up. We have plans to change all that, giving women the chance to push themselves to be the kind of skier or snowboarder that they wish to be. Whether she wishes to grow her confidence on the slopes or develop a keen sense of apré, we are here to help. So, in summary, the general idea behind She Skis is riding with other women and having the best fun there is to be had.


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